Indian Classical Music Appreciation Listening Session #008: March 2, 2019 “Alochona Chakra” with Somjit Dasgupta

Please join us for an afternoon of Indian Classical Music and Camaraderie. In honor of Mahashivaratri (which occurs on Monday March 4th), we’ll be doing a deep dive into ragas (Gunkali, Bhairav, Bhairavi, etc.) and instruments (rudra veena) that somehow relate to Lord Shiva.

As with each of these listening sessions, participants will listen to performances or recordings made by some of the most well known Hindustani musicians in the world. All recordings will be played through a high quality sound system. In addition, stories and information will be shared about the performers, the ragas, the instruments, Hindustani music theory, and the festivals, venues, and recording studios in which these performances occurred.

If you’ve got a recording that you’d like to share, that’s awesome! Please contact the facilitator ahead of time to ensure that you will have the time and space to play your offering. And, if you don’t have any music to share, that’s OK too. All we ask is that you come with an open mind and an interest in learning and experiencing the music.

In May 2018, The Society for Historic and Rare Instruments of India (SHRII) held an Indian Classical Music Appreciation Listening Session that Somjit Dasgupta attended. During the session, Somjit remarked that the session resembled an “Alochona Chakra”. Alochona Chakra is a Bangla/Sanskrit phrase which loosely translates as a discussion circle. According to Somjit, Alochona Chakras dedicated to Indian Classical Music used to be common in Kolkata. We’re honored to keep this tradition alive through our gathering.

Saturday March 2, 2019 Noon to 5 PM
1141 SE 72nd Ave
Portland, OR 97215